About the Filmmakers

Wash RogersGeorge Washington Rogers, IV
Director, Executive Producer

Rogers is a graduate from The University of Tennessee with a dual Masters in International Business and Converging Media. His work deals with looking for the authentic experience in everyday reality through the use of audio, video and photography. He is also a published author, whose works include 4 Walls (2007), Eyes of the World (2008) and Non-Returning Status (2008). Rogers has also produced and directed a number of award-winning films that include Atrophy (2003), Gestation (2004), Consumption (2004), Transmissions (2004), 4 Walls (2007), and Eyes of the World (2008).

Brian GreerBrian Greer
Executive Producer, Editor

Brian Greer is a graduate of the University of Tennessee, and an award-winning independent filmmaker. Following college, Brian decided to follow up on his dream of making movies by collaborating with Wash Rogers on the short film "Atrophy." Since then, the pair have produced numerous short films and documentaries. Brian currently works in television production and also as a professional editor and videoographer. His film credits include Atrophy (2003), Transmissions (2004), Escape (2005), 4 Walls (2007), and Eyes of the World (2008).

Kenneth StephensKenneth Stephens
Executive Producer

Kenneth assisted George in the conceptual stages of the documentary and contributed some of his own slam poetry during the course of the shoot.

He eventually abandoned the project to pursue other ventures.